Our Outreach Mentoring Team are having huge success across the North West, working with disengaged pupils and persistent absentees.
The School of Military have been able to increase attendance and engagement with many of the pupils we have mentored.
Working on a 1:1 basis with students a positive role model, our mentors will meet with their mentee to create a constructive plan, with obtainable objectives, to get the maximum outcomes for that student. Whether that end goal is to get the student back in school, or help them build confidence and a sense of self-worth, our mentors will provide the necessary support and guidance required.

Using our custom mentoring framework, we provide support and activities to assist in the following areas;
• Personal Behaviour
• Responding to views of others
• Telling the truth
• Helping others
• Learning from mistakes
• Fairness and justice
• Distinguishing between right and wrong
• Respecting property
• Making informed choices
• Responsibility for own actions & consequences
• Moral code
• Empathy
• Respect
• Promoting good behaviour
• Discouraging bullying
• Respecting different views
• Fair play
• Assertiveness
• Expressing own views
• Taking responsibility for own actions
As a result, we have been able to help students re-engage with their education, as well as getting their personal lives back on track.



Alfie aged 14, attending our program for 3 months  

Before: “My behaviour was going down the wrong path, getting into trouble with the police, and nearly being evicted from my house.”
"The school of military have helped me to make the right choices, and helped with my attitude." 
 "They have prepared me to go back to school, my behaviour has improved massively. I’m still working on being respectful towards people and to behave. 

Alfie is now back in school 3 days a week with his mentor, and looking to go back full time in the upcoming weeks.


Nathan aged 16, attending our program for 11 months

Before: “I was on the wrong path, my attitude had deteriorated quickly and I didn’t care. I was always fighting and had been kicked out of school. I was arguing with my mum 24/7”
During: “I have been learning aggression control. My Mentor has taught me how to get out of a situation before my anger takes over my body."
Now: “I feel like my behaviour and attitude has improved. I’ve started waking up earlier. I’m doing a lot of sport, keeping fit and eating health. I have a better attitude with my mum, dad, brother and sister now.