The School of Military have developed an in school mentoring program which can be delivered to small groups of pupils or as part of a 1:1 intervention strategy. Each pupil is taught how to self-reflect and self-assess which is monitored throughout the programme. The programme can be tailored to each individual student, covering the areas which both the school and the pupil feel will help them develop best, such as;

• Self-assessment/refection.
• Communication skills.
• Confidence/self-esteem.
• Social skills
• Anger management.
• Behaviour management strategies.
• Time management/future planning.


Nicola Wood Year 3 teacher at Platt Bridge Community School

One of the boys in my class has worked on a one to one basis with Mat developing skills of all kinds - listening, behaviour, attitude and the list goes on. As much as this little boy has still got to work to do the change in attitude has been great.   I use this little boy to model my expectations of behaviour and attitude in the classroom and outside. Additionally, Mat worked with my class for a morning and taught me some strategies to help with some behavioral issues, I have since used these strategies and the classroom is working noticeably differently. Mat has a great relationship with staff and children and can see the importance of the skills he teaches the children need to be transferred into the classroom. This is a great experience for all!.